Solid Waste
Commission of

Marshall County

Solid Waste
Commission of

Marshall County

About Marshall County Landfill

The Marshall County Landfill is owned and operated by The Solid Waste Management Commission of Marshall County.  The service area includes the cities of Albion, Clemons, Collins, Colo, Ferguson, Gilman, Haverhill, Laurel, LeGrand, Liscomb, Marshalltown, Melbourne, Rhodes, St. Anthony, State Center, Whitten, and Marshall County at large.

What to expect when coming out to the landfill:

Residents and Commercial Businesses can haul garbage to the landfill.  All loads must be adequately covered and are required to weigh on the scale located at the scale house.  If the customer has RECYCLING such as scrap metal, tires, appliances, batteries, or Residential Recycling like plastic, tin, paper, cardboard, or glass please park first and go inside to speak to the scale operator for directions. It is easiest to sort your like items to aid in the unloading process.  Only one vehicle is allowed on the scale at time and vehicles should alternate between incoming and outgoing customers.   After the scale attendant has recorded your weight the 3 lights on the buildings will turn green and customers can proceed to the landfill and recycling areas to unload.   After unloading, the customer returns to the scale to weigh out.  Once the green lights are displayed the customer can park and go into the scale house to pay the bill.



Spanish handout

English handout



A few rules to follow while at the landfill:

  • No smoking on premises.
  • No cell phones while driving.
  • Obey the speed limit signs.
  • No scavenging.
  • Always keep children and pets in the vehicle.
  • No vehicles may enter before open or after closing time.

Unacceptable Items:

Liquid waste, whole car bodies, whole barrels, and yard waste.

Programs we offer:  Call Jenn @ 641-752-0646 for information

Opening an Account:

Please fill out and return the application and accounts receivable policy checklist to be considered for an account.




tax exemption form

Fishing Pond:

There is a fishing pond on-site that is open to the public with a fishing license.  Please alert the office staff that you are there to fish if you come out.