Solid Waste
Commission of

Marshall County

Solid Waste
Commission of

Marshall County


Please STOP at the scale house prior to weighing in if you have any of these items.  These items are NOT weighed.


Recycling has been mandatory in the Marshall County Landfill Service Are by the ordinance of all towns and rural areas, since 1995.

RECYCLING  LOCATIONS: accepting flattened cardboard, glass, paper, #1, #2, and #5 plastic, and tin cans.   #4 Plastics (plastic bags and films) can be dropped off at your local grocery store or the landfill office for proper recycling.

  1. The landfill is a drop-off site for residential recycling during regular business hours for a minimum charge of $5.00.
  1. Some local haulers will do curbside recycling.  Please check with them to get information on pricing.

Businesses can take recycling directly to Mid Iowa Workshop during regular business hours.  Please contact the landfill or MIW for more information.


APPLIANCES    Cost: $15.00 Each

Examples of appliances: Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, Hot Water Heaters, Furnaces, Stoves, Dehumidifiers, Microwaves, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and Freezers.


When buying a new battery ask the retailer to take the old battery. You can also recycle lead-acid batteries at the landfill for no charge.

MOTOR OIL     Cost:  $5.00

Motor oil used by residents and not contaminated with other products can be recycled into the landfill’s oil container. Please limit to 10 gallons. You can return used oil to the purchased location or ask for a list of local shops that burn used oil for heating!

PROPANE TANKS     Cost: $6.00

Large tanks are accepted for recycling only.  We do not accept tanks with Acetylene. Check with a local dealer to recycle those tanks.

SCRAP METAL     Cost:  Free

Can be recycled at the landfill, at a metal recycler, or a salvage yard, Examples: angle iron, bed frames, bicycles, lawn chairs, lawnmowers (drain all fluids), metal grills, and large metal objects. If you aren’t sure if it is considered metal, just ask!

TIRES     Cost:   $400 per ton for large loads

Individual pricing:

Standard car/pickup truck <22” $5.00 (On the Rim = $2.00 extra)
Dump/Semi truck 22”-28” $10.00
Rear Tractor charged by weight.


TV’s & monitors :  Cost:    $15 each