Waste Disposal

 Appliances can be recycled at the landfill in a designated area. They include: Air conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Fluorescent light fixtures (without bulbs), Freezers, Furnaces, Hot water heaters, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Stoves, Washing machines. Price: $10.00 per appliance. 

 Appliances do not get weighed. Please load so they can be placed in the recycling area before weighing the garbage.

 Tires can be recycled at the landfill in a designated area.

Current Fees are:  
13"- 21" $3.00
22"-28"  $10.00
Rear Tractor   $20.00
Tires on rims extra   $2.00
Rims alone No charge

 Large float/heavy equipment by quote.

 The landfill accepts and recycles lead acid batteries free of charge.  You should ask your retailer to take your old battery when you buy a new one.
 Used motor oil that is not contaminated with other products can be recycled at the landfill free of charge. Put oil in a clean container with a tight lid of 5 gallons or less. You will pour your oil into the landfill’s barrel.

Additional Motor Oil Recycling 
Action Auto Parts 752-3395
Advanced Auto Parts 752-5083

Alley Automotive 752-8316
Ben’s Auto & Tire Service 752-0619
D & E Auto 752-4781
Helfer Auto Service 752-5225
Independent Auto 753-7666
Jensen Ford 752-5339

McAtee Tire 752-7511
Mick’s Auto Service 479-2298
O’Reilly Auto Parts 754-0586

 The landfill accepts scrap metal for recycling in a designated area at no charge. You also can call your local recycler/salvage yards to see what they will accept.

 Scrap metal includes: Angle iron, Bed frames, Bicycles, lawn chairs, lawn mowers (drain all fluid), and other metal objects.

 No amounts of small items like nails, bolts, screws etc. and Metal must be able to be stacked.

  The landfill recycles 20lb & 100lb propane tanks for a charge of $3.00 each. 

 Small disposible propane tanks from camping stoves or lanterns can be put in the garbage.  Please make sure they are empty.

 We do not accept Freon, helium, and acetylene tanks. Call your local dealer to recycle these tanks.