Landfill Information

Asbestos Containing Material

* We accept Asbestos Containing Material by appointment only at a rate of $75.00 per ton with specific delivery restrictions. 

Asbestos Containing Material PDF


Examples are: Dishwashers, Washers/Dryers, Hot Water Heaters, Furnaces, Stoves, Dehumidifiers, Microwaves, Air Conditioners,  Refrigerators, Freezers

Cost: $10.00 Each

Sheet metal from appliances goes into new products.

Lead Acid Batteries

Check with your retailer to take the old battery, when buying a new battery. Or recycle lead acid batteries at the landfill.

Cost: Free

The metal is recovered for new parts, the plastic gets reclaimed, and new batteries are made from recycled batteries.

Motor Oil

Motor oil not contaminated with other products can be recycled into the Landfill’s barrel. Bring oil in a clean plastic container with a tight lid, then dump it in the motor oil barrel.

Cost: Free

Motor oil is recycled into fuel, coolants, lubricants & recycled oils.

Propane Tanks

Accepted only for recycling. We do not accept tanks with Freon, helium, and Acetylene. Check with a local dealer to recycle these tanks.

Cost: $6.00

Authorized companies recycle tanks into new tanks or scrap metal.

Scrap Metal

Can be recycled at the landfill, taken to a metal recycler or to a salvage yard. Examples are: Angle Iron, Bed Frames, Bicycles, Lawn Chairs, 

Lawn Mowers (drain all fluids), metal grills, & large metal objects.

 Cost: Free

Scrap metal is recycled into sheet metal for new metal products.


Tires can be recycled at the landfill in a designated area.


  • 13”-21” Car/Pickup, $5.00
  • 22”-28”, $10.00
  • Rear Tractor, $20.00
  • Dump/Semi Truck, $10.00
Tires on rims, extra $2.00

Heavy Equipment or Large float tires by quotes only.

Tires are recycled into retreaded tires, as pavement additive, mats, fuel source, and more.

Additional Motor Oil Recycling

Items Not Accepted at the Landfill

  • Free Liquids 
  • Dead Animals 
  • Household Hazardous Waste-see listing on HHWaste page
  • Whole Barrels 
  • Whole Car Bodies 
  • Yard Waste (Compost Facility - 641-754-5745) - Marshalltown Compost Facility will be opening on March 15th at Noon!